Saturday, May 23, 2015


What are they doing to that poor pelican???

Apparently, the woman was trying to pose nude for a photo with a Paphos pelican but there’s just one problem – the Pelican ain’t amused.

According to Cyprus Mail:

The video was filmed on Tuesday at around 4pm, near the Paphos port authority building. The video was shot by passersby and was made public on Friday through social media. 
In the video a nude blond woman is shown trying to hold down the pelican so she can pose for a picture. The photographer tried to help her control the bird, which struggles to get away. 
The pelican, nicknamed Kokos or Coco, by locals, is the harbour’s mascot.
Reports said that police were notified but the couple left the scene before they arrived.
Daily Politis reported that the couple was accompanied by a second couple that also had a baby in a carriage. 
Police didn’t issue a statement on the incident, with Paphos police spokesman Nicos Tsiappis saying there was an ongoing investigation. 
The Cyprus Animal party issued a statement on Friday condemning the incident, saying that “hideous behaviour of this nature against helpless animals would not be tolerated.”
It said the footage had shocked both locals and tourists in Cyprus and demanded answers from the competent authorities as to what was being done to ensure the safety of the pelican who has been wandering the harbour area for years.

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